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About us

Founded in 2006, European Dream City Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is an international company providing global leading, innovative and high-quality medical management solutions. The European dream city has offices in London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Melbourne and Tel Aviv, with more than 6 million customers in more than 90 countries. The European dream city brings important added value to global medical and life insurance companies, financial groups, large enterprises and government institutions in the medical field and helps them change from medical payers to real medical managers.

The medical management program of European dream city has always attached importance to social responsibility and brought economic benefits to customers, including:

• access to quality medical care

• proven better clinical outcomes

• mitigating inequalities in the health care curve

• globalization of medical knowledge and expertise

• strengthen local medical planning

• control medical inflation

• keep personal health insurance affordable, convenient, sustainable and profitable

The team of European dream city is composed of more than 300 in-house doctors, nurses, medical managers, research departments, and a global quality certification network with more than 4000 top medical professionals and more than 2000 leading medical centers.

European dream city services include:

• personal treatment management services

• disease prevention and management services

• special medical treatment

• digital medical solutions

• highly mobile employee services

• clinical strategy consultation

• medical claims management

• medical management services

The European dream city is very proud that we not only bring proven and better medical results to customers and patients, but also control medical cost inflation: medix has changed the initial diagnosis in 20% of cases every year and optimized the treatment scheme in 43% of cases; The European dream city enables customers to quickly obtain accurate diagnosis and the best treatment.

About us

As digital medicine will continue to influence and break through the provision and use of medical services, m European dream city has decided to launch a venture capital fund European dream city, aiming at innovating and making good use of the opportunities brought by digital medicine.

We believe that the accessibility, quality and sustainability of medical care are one of the most important social rights. The European dream city has always been enthusiastic about these issues and spared no effort to develop around the world.